Decembers Letter From The Publishers


Hello Seattle,

December is now upon us, with all of the magic that it brings. For us here at Seattle Natural Awakenings, this is one of our favorite times of the year. We love when the snow begins to cover the ring of mountains that surrounds our city, the smell of the fireplace burning, and the fresh cut tree that now adorns our home. This is a time to reflect on the past year, as well as the new one we are about to embark on.

If you are reading this, then it is most likely that you are interested in self-awareness. This could be in the means of your mind, body, or spirit. All of these aspects play a necessary role in becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be. All are equally important, and require tuning and attention to become the “whole” of a person that we are aspiring to be.

The main feature in this month’s issue is on spirit, and our collective consciousness nearing our spiritual tipping point. It can be referred to as an awakening, enlightenment, or self-realization, however all can be a profound experience for us to go through. Ultimately, we are all seeking truth, which is crucial for our essential nature and being. This is a lifelong journey that will have its up and downs, however a journey we encourage all of you to embark on.

This issue highlights updates on “Green Cars” in our Green Living section. We discuss “Non-Toy Gifts for Kids” in our Healthy Kids section, and the “Best Exercises for Weight Loss,” in our Fit Body section. There is a great read on the “Five Healthy Habits that Add Years to your Life” in our Health Brief section, as well as how “Too much Sitting can Thin your Brain.”

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday month with your family and friends, and make sure to cherish the time spent together. Enjoy the decorations that adorn our city and your local towns, as well as the music and spirt that is in the air this time of year. On behalf of the team at Seattle Natural Awakenings, we wish you all the happiest of holidays!

With love & light

Scott & Lauren Dillon-Merrill