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Natural Awakenings Seattle


Dec 08, 2018 01:21PM

In the Spirit of the Season – May We Walk as One

by Jody Bergsma

Jody Bergsma began creating art at age 3, when her mother suggested that she draw her nightmares to vanquish her fears. Monsters illustrated with pink and green crayons were not so scary, and the budding young artist became hooked. By her mid-teens, Bergsma was selling her fanciful works and went on to become an award-winning illustrator.

In her whimsical, elfin watercolors and detailed, dramatic images of wild-life, the artist often uses aboriginal, native and geometric designs and symbols derived from the beautiful patterns of ancient cultures. By respectfully working with these images, she reintegrates them into our modern ethos.

“I propose that all humankind shares a common reality just beyond the range of normal sight,” remarks Bergsma, whose watercolor technique is self-taught. “Each person’s physical adventure is unique, but the abstract language of feelings and realization of existence is our shared experience.

“Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and brings us a vision of who we can become,” Bergsma continues. “My painting is my expression and request for a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.”

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