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Natural Awakenings Seattle


Oct 01, 2018 01:36PM

Hello Seattleites,

We hope everyone has been enjoying the cooler temps that we have been having, along with the inevitable rains. All of our tribe here at Natural Awakenings – Seattle really do enjoy the transitions into a new season. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful, thriving part of the world that turns into a canvas for vibrant colors this time of year. “Pumpkin” becomes a word that blankets our city in all coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants throughout. And, we do not mess around when it comes time for the Seahawks to take the field. We absolutely love the unity that it brings to our truly supporting city.

This month, we have compiled some great articles that we hope you all enjoy. The feature of this issue is a fresh take on youthful game changers. We highlight plant-based diets going mainstream in our Conscious Eating section, along with the epidemic of compromised health in our Healthy Kids section. There are two wonder-ful mentions in our Health Brief section on how music reduces the need for post-sur-gery opioids, as well as how music lessons can make kids smarter. We also cover how calorie restrictions can slow aging, and how natural vitamin E can lower heart risks.

We have thoroughly enjoyed forming relationships and building a commu-nity with this great city of ours. Keep your eye out for our magazines all over King county and in some surrounding areas. We are in your local, natural health food stores, compound pharmacies, yoga and health studios, and coffee shops where you may now choose to order a “hot” pumpkin coffee or tea drink to accompany the cooler weather outside our doors.

With Love & Light,

Scott and Lauren Dillon-Merrill

Global Brief
Health Brief