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by Emma Day

Derived from the Aragon River, in Spain where it was first discovered in 1788, aragonite is an underappreciated metaphysical marvel made up of calcium carbonate that forms under both physical and biological processes, such as precipitation from marine or freshwater environments. It is a special mineral and collectable that can be enjoyed for its collectability, beauty and metaphysical properties. 

Not only is aragonite found on the thin exterior lining of pearl, but multiple layers of aragonite give abalone shells their pearly luster, as well. Its soluble calcium attributes play a key role in the preservation of many marine shells, snails and even coral fossils. As time passes, aragonite recrystallizes to a more stable variety of calcite and allows the preservation of materials until the time of discovery. 

Overall, the energy of aragonite is gentle and stabilizing, while simultaneously being a strong tool for metaphysical healing and meditation because of its clarifying, motivationally stimulating and mentally energizing properties. Fostering the energies of nurturance, trust, tolerance and clarity while meditating with aragonite may initiate the uplifting of heavy, stressful or oppressive energies. Consider the following invocation while meditating: “I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the healing of my emotional body.”

Wearing aragonite in the form of jewelry is also a powerful way to enjoy the stone. Sometimes overlooked for flashier gemstones, aragonite emits softness and warmth that can make for energetically restorative and casual jewelry pieces. Its gentle yellow and orange hues have been traditionally used to make jewelry for young adults to shift away from habits of procrastination and influence patience, responsibility and empowerment.

Its color spectrum ranges widely, from colorless, gray, yellow, pink, red, purple, orange and green, as well as brown aragonite star clusters, or blue or white aragonite from Greece.

Emma Day is a local writer and rock and mineral enthusiast currently enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America, and has been personally collecting and researching gems, jewelry and minerals for more than half a decade.

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