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Natural Awakenings Seattle


Aug 06, 2018 04:42PM

Happy August, Seattle, and we hope you are all having a wonderful summer! We are so excited about this month’s edition as many of the topics are very close to home. We are pleased to be finding our stride with connecting and building community as we settle into our new roles as publishers.

Anyone who has kids at any age understands that it’s always a journey no matter what their age or what stage they are in. Just when you might be getting a handle on it, they change again. It is an ever-evolving relationship with family and the world. Now more than ever, how we work with our children in helping them understand themselves, along with our surrounding communities, will help shape the way of our world’s future. This month’s article on simplified parenting is a wonderful read regarding our awareness as parents. 

Energy awareness, healing and creating community have always been on our radar as important aspects of our businesses. We are very happy to have such great articles this month to continue to expand and learn more on these topics. Included in this August edition are “Multilevel Healing—Embracing All Dimensions of Well-Being,” “Empowering Ourselves—Movement and Dance Bring Emotional Awareness and Release,” Wise Earth Crystals and “Tay and Val on Choosing Joy.” All of these articles provide an interesting view into our community, one’s self and the energy around us.

As we are nearing the end of summer and we start to think about returning to our fall routines, we wish you fun-filled, sunny August days. It is with love, light and gratitude that we share this August Seattle edition of Natural Awakenings.

With Light, 

Scott & Lauren Dillon-Merrill, Publishers

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