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Aug 02, 2018 02:03PM

Don’t Just Breathe, a self-help memoir that is entertaining, motivational and funny, was recently released by author John Graziano, a massage therapist for cancer centers in the Tucson, Arizona area. A portion of proceeds from book sales go to Integrative Touch for Kids ( and National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southern Arizona (

Graziano pursued innovative thinking through his massage career while working for top resorts throughout the country. He combined his experiences with what he learned from conversations and observations, filtered through his immense compassion, and came up with a collection of humorous stories and thoughtful insights that encourage readers to look at all things differently.

Readers are inspired to ponder the events of daily life from the aspect of whether they make sense for all involved and are true to our souls. No preaching, no dogma—just interesting things to think about from alternative perspectives that can help jog us out of our thinking ruts.

The book is available for sale at Connect with Graziano at [email protected]

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