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Donate Other Peoples’ Money at Charity Websites: Supporting Good Causes is Just One Click Away!

Jan 15, 2007 05:47PM

If our heart is as big as the world, as well as bigger than our wallet, we can still routinely donate money to worthy causes–for free! pulls up six sponsored charity websites and shows eight more, where a single click of the mouse mounts up to significant funds through “clicking campaigns” in which banner advertisers contribute cash for the clicks. Savvy users can even send themselves a daily email reminder to log on and click.

Charities are chosen not only by the work they do, says  president Tim Kunin, but also by their understanding of the Internet. Current causes at this site include hunger, child health, animal rescue, breast cancer, literacy and the rainforest. also supports the arts, education, AIDS prevention, the environment, children and the homeless.
Clicking makes online giving so free and easy that many clickers eventually become substantial donors. It feels so good.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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