Bastyr University Announces Yin Yoga Teacher Training
September 2017
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sept_2017_page_5A Yin Yoga Teacher Training course will take place at Bastyr University’s Kenmore campus starting on Sept. 30, with a commitment of weekends plus Wednesday evenings for eight weeks. Each trainee will complete 200 hours of training and will receive a certificate of completion allowing them to register with Yoga Alliance as instructors. The course is open to the public; however, participants should have a minimum of six months of any style yoga practice.

“We are often moving so it’s hard to be still and let thoughts come and go,” says Pam Granston, instructor of the new Yin Yoga Teacher Training course at Bastyr University.She explains that the yin style of yoga can help people find balance in today’s yang-focused society.

“In the yoga world, most athletic-based classes are rooted in yang with a focus on building muscles and strength,” Granston says. “Meanwhile, yin yoga focuses on the connective tissues–joints and ligaments–and works to help you release energy and blockages that can disrupt our qi.”

Qi, pronounced “chee,” is the underlying life force that runs through the body along what are known as meridians. “There are highways of energy that move up and down and across our body,” says Granston. “Yin yoga’s focus on opening connective tissues and joints allows qi to continue to flow.”

The new teacher training course is offered through Bastyr’s Department of Certificate, Community and Continuing Education, and upon completion of the 200 training hours, students are eligible for certification through the Yoga Alliance to teach their own yin yoga class.

However, Granston says the class can also be beneficial for individuals who simply want to expand upon their own practice and cultivate a depth of awareness. “This course will provide you with a deeper knowledge of yin and yang,” she says. “It will give you what you need to find balance in your life.”

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training course begins Sept. 30. $2800/before Sept. 10; $3000/after. For more information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 425-602-3152.