Qi Revolution in Lynnwood
July 2017
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Teacher Jeff Primack and instructors will hold a three-day Qigong training for $149— “Qi Revolution” will be held in Lynnwood from July 28-30 and again in Eugene from August 4-6. Attendees will learn about the three levels of Qigong, food and nutritional healing, foot reflexology for pain relief and more.

“Qigong focuses on your electromagnetic field and the pulsation of Qi (energy) through the arms, hands and spine. The sensation of energy is highly tangible to people, even those with a low sensitivity. Using precise movements of the body, Qi is circulated,” says Primack. “Qigong is not only about absorbing energy from nature, rather Qigong is about activating energy already with us and opening up these pathways of energy is really the key to longevity.”

Primack says the conference is designed to get Qigong healing information out to the masses, while acknowledging that people are busy and life is always pulling us in many directions. The low price is intended to help people realize that “you can decide to create time for yourself to raise the health of your body-spirit vehicle.”

To reserve tickets for this event and more information: 800-298-8970 or QiRevolution.com.